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Do You Need More Versatility than Standard Log Burners in Ealing, Pinner, Watford and Beyond?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above question, Rigby Fires supplies and installs an extensive range of multi-fuel stoves designed to burn more than one type of fuel. Sometimes referred to as mineral-fuel stoves, multi-fuel designs have the ability to burn wood, smokeless fuel and coal. Naturally, these fuels require different conditions for an optimal burn, so multi-fuel stoves come with additional features, such as raise grates with moving bars, which you won’t find on standard log burners. Whether in our hometown of Pinner, neighbouring areas such as Ealing and Watford, or any other location in London or the home counties, Rigby Fires provides the ideal heating solution for any requirement.

Gas fires in Watford

We stock multi-fuel stoves from market-leading manufacturers, including:


• Capital


• Fireline

• Hunter

• Stovax


As with our log burners, electric fires, gas fires and wider range of products, Rigby Fires only supplies and installs superior multi-fuel stoves that we know and trust for quality and performance.


If you would like to discuss options for the installation of your own multi-fuel stove in Pinner, Ealing, Watford or the neighbouring areas, please call us on 0208 868 7899.

An Introduction to Multi-Fuel Stoves


While log burners have a relatively simple process to understand, multi-fuel stoves often need slightly more explanation. Perhaps of most importance to homeowners considering their options, multi-fuel stoves and log burners have no discernible difference in heat output. Most modern stoves provide an efficiency between 70% and 80%, considerably higher than an open fireplace. The biggest factor when it comes to optimising heat output remains choosing the correct stove size for the room you plan to heat.


As the name suggests, multi-fuel stoves come specially designed to handle the differing requirements of burning multiple fuels. For example, wood burns best when sat on a bed of ash with air circulating from the top. The bed of ash, called a firebox, plays an integral role as it is where the fuel burns. Conversely, coal needs a supply of air from below in order to burn efficiently.


In order to manage these conflicting conditions, multi-fuel stoves have a central riddling grate and ashpan or a raised grate with moving bars. Both designs increase airflow and allow the burning fuel to be de-ashed, thus maintaining effective combustion conditions.


As with the fitting of our log burners, we conduct a site survey to ensure a safe installation process for multi-fuel stoves. This also includes checking whether your property in Pinner, Ealing, Watford or the surrounding areas lies within a smoke control area. With decades of experience and Defra-approved stoves, Rigby Fires guarantees a compliant installation.


For an insight into the results we achieve, please visit the gallery page.


Bioethanol Products


If you would like an alternative to wood, gas or coal fuel, we have a wide range of bioethanol fire tables ideal for outside heating. These products come in an extensive range of designs, materials and colours across the full spectrum of traditional and modern styles. As a result, we have the perfect solution to suit any existing garden design scheme.


Our bioethanol products provide the perfect finishing touch for outside living, especially in the warmer months of late spring, summer and early autumn. Bioethanol fuel produces a smokeless fire while creating a warm and inviting outdoor centrepiece for relaxing or social events.


Manufactured using premium-quality, weatherproof materials, our bioethanol products create stunning focal points in any environment for many years to come.

If you live in London or the home counties and would like more information about multi-fuel stoves, call 0208 868 7899.

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7 Pinner Green, Pinner, HA5 2AF

Gas fires in Watford
Gas fires in Watford
Gas fires in Watford
Gas fires in Watford