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Fireplaces in Watford | Benefits Associated with our Range of Products

Here at Rigby Fires, we take great pride in our reputation for providing the complete service package. From the very first point of contact, we make the process of installing wood burning stoves, electric fires and gas fires as simple and stress-free as possible. As time-served experts in all types of fireplaces, we produce results that deliver outstanding benefits both in the short- and long-term. While some of these come as a result of our impeccable workmanship, others are related specifically to the type of fireplace we install.


Whether you require log burners, multi-fuel stoves, electric fires or gas fires, we have outlined below some of the unique benefits that come with specific fireplaces.


Wood Burning Stoves – Whether you know them as log burners or wood burning stoves, these fireplaces provide an enviable aesthetic. As they burn kiln-dried or seasoned logs, they produce bright flames and a relaxing crackling sound for the perfect evening ambience. While aesthetics remain important, log burners must also produce an effective heat output to be worthwhile. Fortunately, they do exactly that; with efficiency ranging between 70% and 80%, wood burning stoves heat rooms quickly and efficiently.


Further benefits include reliability during power cuts, environmentally friendly energy and a cost-effective way to heat rooms in Watford homes.


Electric Fires – Much like log burners, electric fires provide impressive aesthetics, particularly when it comes to modern hole in the wall designs. In addition, electric fires produce zero fumes or by-products, making them a clean, safe choice. What’s more, they have a very low maintenance nature, especially when compared to other fireplaces.


Modern electric fires also have a flame-only setting. This allows homeowners in Watford and beyond to create a warm, cosy ambience without producing any heat, an ideal solution for warmer nights. With less susceptibility to rust and corrosion, electric fires also provide great longevity.


Gas Fires – One of the most appealing benefits of gas fires remains the ability to get an immediate flame. Unlike open fireplaces, there’s no need to source and store wood, or to perfect a fire-starting technique. Gas fires simply need to be turned on. This ease of control also extends to increasing or decreasing the flow of gas, and the strength of the flame, at the touch of a button.


Furthermore, gas fires emit no smoke and have zero emissions, making them ideal for smoke control areas or for those who simply want to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, our customers in Watford can easily shut off their gas fires. While other fireplaces may need to wait a while for fuels to stop burning, homeowners simply need to turn off the gas supply for an immediate cooling down process.

If you live in Watford and would like more information regarding any of our services, call 0208 868 7899.

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